Detachment (2011)

I kind of wish Adrien Brody would detach himself from Hollywood. I’ve never really liked him as an actor. The thing is, I think he whispers his lines too much and then calls that acting. This movie was depressing. First of all it was almost a giant ad for “WE HATE NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” and this movie doesn’t let you forget that. Then Brody has unhealthy attachments to underage girls (living with a prostitute for most of the movie). It makes all racial groups into a harsh light, showing Asian girls as being slutty, black students as being almost viscous and white people as suicidal sociopaths. I think also this movie should be shown to teachers before they get their first job, so they can expect the worst and not be surprised. This movie was a real downer, and it doesn’t make you feel too good about humanity or the American education system.


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