RPGs (Ryan Playing Games) 8/14/15

Welcome to the RPG (Ryan Playing Games) section where I review video games. I don’t pass a lot of video games because I play a lot of long games that take forever. When I do happen to pass one I will post what I think on here! Enjoy! I’m just doing a scale of 0-100 in ten point intervals for simplicity sake.

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (2011)(PS3)

Just another Lego Star Wars clone of a game? Not exactly. I thought this game had some neat new features like the almost RTS (Real Time Strategy) levels where you can play as the Republic or the Separatists and blow up each others bases while making new buildings and groups of droids or clone troopers. Sure, there are the typical Lego levels too like collecting the studs and filling up the little True Jedi bar and collecting new vehicles and characters. I was a little lost on this game because it was based off the animated clone wars series and I haven’t seen that, and this game is old enough to not have any voice acting yet. It took a while to get into it, but once it hit me, I was obsessed and collected everything. If you like Lego games, this has some refreshing parts, just be aware the space fighting levels are a little unfair at times.

Best Gaming Moment: When I figured out I was missing one stupid trophy before earning my platinum on this. I almost slapped my forehead in disgust! How could I miss something so easy!

Worst Gaming Moment: The Space Flying missions, some sent me into a cursing spree.



Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (2014)(Wii U)

It’s time for an adventure! Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was such a fun game. Sure, it’s a game based off of Mario where you can’t jump… okay, now that just sounds weird, but it totally works! You have to walk around almost a cube-like puzzle area and you can tilt the Wii U Game Pad to change the viewing angle. You can then look around to see what path you must take to reach the Power Star at the end and collect some power gems along the way. There are a ton of levels and it took me forever to pass this, but it was worth it. The only part I gave up on was the 50 level dungeon called Mummy-Me Forever. I ended up just watching a YouTube video of someone passing it. Toad and Toadette may not be a couple, but they are a couple of awesome mushroom-people.

Best Gaming Moment: When I finished all the challenges and collected every power gem. Completionist ho!

Worst Gaming Moment: Realizing that I’m no good at the Mummy-Me and seeing I have limitations as a gamer.

Final Judgement: It’s a cheap game and it takes forever to pass fully. It’s beautiful and super cute. Get this!


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

South Park: The Stick of Truth (2014)(PS3)

Don’t forget to bring a towel, to wipe away the tears of laughter as you play this game. The humor from the South Park creators is really good at times and really bad. In this video game, they were on top of things. I laughed a ton, especially at the end. The RPG elements were really cool throughout. I also liked that you played as a New Kid instead of one of the main kids. It made it feel more like your story than theirs. My biggest beef with the game was the fart humor. The game focused way too much on that and it became pretty unfunny towards the end.

Best Gaming Moment: When they played the Princess Kenny song.

Worst Gaming Moment: When I got stuck on a fart tutorial for an hour, because their instructions on screen were horrible.

Final Judgement: It’s not a perfect game, but it’s really funny. If you can put up with a few broken things on the game you’ll love it. If you are looking for perfection and less farts… skip it.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel


The Wolf Among Us (2013) (PS3)

This game has me howling for more! Wow, what a fantastic game! Bigby Wolf might be one of my favorite characters in any video game. He’s cool and yet stern at the same time. He doesn’t take any crap and knows how to put a beat-down on bad guys. The whole setting of the game is seedy and great. The voice acting is top notch and I just want to play more of this. I really hope a second season comes out because the second I finished this I wanted to start a new case. Cool detective story that everyone should live out.

Best Gaming Moment: Fighting the Jersey Devil. How awesome is that?!

Worst Gaming Moment: Playing as the good guy. I wanted to go full wolf on these bad guys.

Final Judgement: If you don’t get this game you are missing out. Stop reading this and start playing the Wolf Among Us.




The Lego Movie – Videogame (2014)(PS4)

Everything is awesome in this game! The game is funny (because the movie is funny too!) and it is just a fun game to play. I loved the new Master Building mechanic. I wasn’t a huge fan of the instruction builds, but it didn’t bother me a whole bunch. I loved the characters and the type of powers they had. Like Emmett and his wrench to fix broken objects. The humor is just so good and teamed up with nice graphics it makes this game very pleasurable to go through. Take note Lego Marvel, this is how you do it.

Best gaming moment: When Emmett yells out “I’ve got pigs!”.

Worst gaming moment: Getting 100% is always a pain on Lego games.

Final judgement: This is totally worth playing. It’s funny and a lot of fun. I highly recommend it.




Lego Marvel Super Heroes (2013)(PS4)

Marvel at the Legos as they save New York City! This installment was pretty epic. It was nice to play as all the different super heroes. It had some fun missions and the graphics were really nice. The sad part is, the game was a little glitchy. There were some bad glitch problems and then the worst part was anything that involved racing and flying. Those were almost impossible due to the bad mechanics they put into the game. The go-kart section made me want to quit the game altogether.

Best gaming moment: Playing as crazy characters like Rocket Raccoon and Squirrel Girl.

Worst gaming moment: Driving and flying. I hate you.

Final judgement: This is the first time I would say to skip this game as a Lego game. It has some really annoying things and made me wish I never played it. I only gave it a higher score, because I managed to 100% the game.




Knack (2013)(PS4)

You won’t want to keep this Knack on your shelf gathering dust! This is one of the launch games for the new Playstation 4. It’s a pretty interesting game. You play as a creature that is made from little relic parts. You gain size by the amount of relics you add to your body. There is a goblin invasion you have to take out and deal with some other scum bags that need punishment. The game is actually really hard, even on easier difficulties. Good luck on the Platinum trophy. It’s obtainable, but man it’ll test you.

Best gaming moment: Playing as Diamond Knack and just crushing my enemies on very hard mode!

Worst gaming moment: Dealing with any goblins who can throw ranged items. I hate them.

Final judgement: I would still say get it, it’s not perfect but it is a fun challenge.


ReelReelReelHalf Reel


The Walking Dead (2012) (PS3)(PS Vita)

This game is anything but dead! I love this game. The characters are engrossing (and sometimes gross), the art style is really cool and the choices you have to make are really heart-wrenching. You play as an escaped convict named Lee who meets up with a young girl named Clementine. They have to survive in a post apocalypse zombie filled Georgia. You meet a lot of unique characters through the game. It has five episodes that are all great and a DLC that is interesting, even if it’s not that great. This game is a must play.

Best gaming moment: Playing as a jerk. It’s fun to be evil sometimes.

Worst gaming moment: Making the hard choices while being nice. It’s heart breaking sometimes.





Welcome Park (2012)(PS Vita)

Welcome to the Welcome Park review! This game is pretty basic. It’s honestly a tutorial on how to use your Playstation Vita. You go through a series of mini-games that get you used to the touch screens on the front and back and various other features. Some of the games are genuinely fun and some are frustrating as heck. If you try to get the full trophies on this, it doesn’t take a lot of time, but it does take a lot of practice on some of the games. They can frustrate you but they aren’t impossible.

Best gaming moment: When I finally got the 100% completion after all the frustration it caused.

Worst gaming moment: Frustration.

Final Judgement: This comes with the Vita, if you choose to play it, it’s ok. You could skip it though.




Aliens: Colonial Marines (2013)(PS3)

Stay frosty! Well, that’s how most of the fans feel about this game. Frosty. I’m going to step out and say that this game is NOT horrible. Yes, it wasn’t what Gearbox sold to us earlier. It’s not Borderlands with Xenomorphs. What it is is pretty fun, especially when you are tackling the trophies or achievements. I played this whole game co-op with my younger brother and it was a very positive experience. I’m not saying we didn’t have hardships but all games cause headaches sometimes. The game was just fun, the graphics weren’t the best but we had a good time and that should count for something. It’s just another Glorious Day in the Corps.

Best gaming moment: Playing as a Xenomorph in Multiplayer and sneaking up and killing my brother without him realizing what was happening until it was too late!

Worst gaming moment: Helping my brother try to kill three enemies with one incendiary grenade. Somehow he couldn’t get it to work.

Final judgement: If you have high expectations for this game, you’ll be bummed. If you keep an open mind and enjoy the series, you’ll like this game.




Super Mario 3D World (2013)(Wii U)

It’s a meee! In 3D! Well, not exactly 3D that’s popping out of the screen, but the graphics did make my eyes pop out of my head. What a gorgeous game. I thought it was excellent! It also has just some really fun game play. I love that you can do it multi-player. I love the new cat suit powerup. I like how you end each level old school by jumping on a flag pole. The Captain Toad levels were my favorite and I’m glad they are making a full game of that. Super Mario 3D World is the only reason you need for a Wii U purchase! Get it!

Best Gaming Moment: When I finished the final level against Bowser, it was really, really difficult and sported some of the best graphics I’ve seen!

Worst Gaming Moment: Dying a million times (it is a Mario game after all!)

Final Judgement: If you couldn’t tell from before, I’m begging you to get this! It’s so good, everyone needs to enjoy this game!




Pokemon X and Y (2013)(3DS)

Pokemon X-Cites you more than most other games. Y, you ask? I’m a huge fan of games where you collect stuff. To some, that may sound boring but I love it. Pokemon X and Y have a whole new style to them. The graphics are really cool. I love seeing the different camera angles when running around. The new Pokemon are all so unique and cool. It’s also just great to try and catch ’em all. I flew through X getting everything and then traded them to Y to finish them off. It always feels great with your Pokedex (encyclopedia for Pokemon) all filled in! Great games!

Best Gaming Moment: When I got my final Pokemon to finish the Dex. It was a really nice accomplishment!

Worst Gaming Moment: That inevitable moment when you get that critical hit that knocks out the Pokemon that you’ve been looking for, for hours. Ugh!

Final Judgement: If you love Pokemon, you’ll love this game. If you just don’t get the series, then this really isn’t that different than the other ones, except for enhanced graphics and nicer sound. I still say, you should get it!



The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (2013) (Wii U)

I love the Zelda series. I also love that Nintendo released a HD version of this game. I don’t think a ton of people got to experience this the first time around on the good ol’ cube. It really is a beautiful game with its crisp artwork style. The HD really makes it look even more stunning. My main problem with the game is that the boat traveling is still tedious. I’m glad they added the swift sail for easier travels but man I just don’t enjoy all the fetch quests and the amount of traveling you have to do. The dungeons are really cool, albeit frustrating at times. I also wish the hookshot and the bow and arrow were a little easier to aim with. I would play this game on hero mode next… the game is a bit too easy. I never died once through the whole game collecting everything.

Best gaming moment: Stepping onto the green grass on Outset Island and just soaking up the beautiful artwork on display on this HD remake. The Wii U truly can make games shine.

Worst gaming moment: Getting hit by a Peahat enemy and falling down a deep dark hole and having to start a room over in the final castle.

Final Judgement: If you’ve never played it. PLAY IT. It really is a good Zelda (with some minor problems). If you have played it then I would suggest Hero mode so you at least have more of a challenge since they didn’t change much in the game.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel


The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (2013) (3DS)

This game Hyrules! It’s painful to admit but this is my new favorite Zelda game. Yes, something finally beat out Ocarina of time. The graphics are really gorgeous in this game. The music is also some of the best I’ve ever heard for any game ever (short of Final Fantasy games). The new characters that were added were a wonderful surprise. The plot is surprisingly deep and the puzzles and game-play are perfect. If this is your first Zelda, I’m jealous because this one is absolutely amazing!

Best Gaming Moment: Hearing the music of the game for the first time. It’s so classy and catchy. Best video game soundtrack I’ve heard in years.

Worst Gaming Moment: The Octoball mini game. I’m not surprised that a Zelda game has an annoyingly hard mini game (they’ve had those for years) this one wasn’t as bad, it was just very difficult. Plus, I really don’t like baseball.

Final Judgement: Buy this game. Keep this game. Caress it like a baby because this is the best Zelda ever made. Just soak it in and enjoy it.





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