How Ratings Work

My rating system is pretty simple. It is kind of based off of an academic score.

ReelReelReelReelReel100-90 is an “A” Meaning it is incredible! It gets five reels.

ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel 89-80 is a “B” meaning it is really good. It gets four and a half reels.

ReelReelReelReel 79-70 is a “C” meaning it is just good. It gets four reels.

ReelReelReelHalf Reel 69-60 is a “D” meaning it is just fine. It gets three and a half reels.

ReelReelReel 59-50 is a “F” meaning it is not worth it. It gets three reels.

ReelReelHalf Reel 49-40 is an even worse “F” meaning it is time wasted. It gets two and a half reels.

ReelReel 39-30 is a much worse “F” meaning stay away. It gets two reels.

ReelHalf Reel 29-20 is getting almost the worst “F” possible, meaning it is an ugly movie.

Reel 19-10 is the report card you don’t show to your parents, meaning kill me now that I’ve watched it.

Half Reel 09-00 is such a bad grade you can’t even grasp how bad it is, meaning it’s like looking at the Ark of the Covenant (Ow, my eyes!)


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