Awards (Updated 9/05/16)


Thanks to MovieManJackson for the nomination for this award!

Okay so, now for the answers to Mr. Jackson’s questions!

  1. Favorite sport? Definitely college football. I’m glad it’s finally back!
  2. What fall 2016 movie (Sept-Dec.) are you most looking forward to? The Girl on the Train (I read the book and loved it!).
  3. Will movie theater watching ever completely die? If people continue to be rude and check their texts and talk the whole time? Yes, maybe.
  4. Favorite food at the theater? Sour Patch Kids.
  5. What role would you take on in a movie production (actor/actress, director, producer, composer, etc)? Actor, since that is what I got my college degree in.
  6. All-time favorite movie genre? Horror.
  7. Favorite actor right now? Chris Pratt.
  8. Favorite actress right now? Jessica Chastain.
  9. Any actor/actress you fail to see the hype in? George Clooney.
  10. How far do you live away from most frequented theater? 117 Miles.
  11. Last Blu-Ray/DVD purchased? Carnage on Blu-Ray.

I nominate:

Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews

Cookies and Opinions

Joanna the Montrealer

Here are my questions:

  1. What is the best movie you’ve seen this year?

2. What is the worst movie so far this year?

3.What is a hobby you have that isn’t movie related?

4. Favorite actor?

5. Favorite actress?

6. What is the last book you read?

7. What is the strangest job you’ve held?

8. If you could erase one movie forever from existence what would that be and why?

10. Who is your favorite director?

11. What is your favorite TV show?



Liebster Awards

A big thanks to GeekedOutMovies for the nomination for a Liebster award! I always love checking out your site! You always have such good ideas for posts!

A little about the Liebster Award: It’s an award that’s given out to new or newer bloggers to welcome them to the blogosphere. It works sort of like a chain-letter where someone nominates you and you nominate 1-11 others that you feel deserve the nomination. It not only feels great to get nominated but it helps expand your readership and maybe make some new friends along the way! Another rule of the nomination is to obviously thank the person who nominated you and to state 11 facts about yourself, while also answering some of the questions the person who nominated sent you.

11 Facts About Ryan

  1. I got my degree in Theater – Performance.
  2. I’ve almost watched 1000 movies in the last 3 years.
  3. My favorite movie is Mulholland Dr.
  4. I’m obsessed with video games on all systems.
  5. My new favorite interest is in Cosplay and Comic Cons.
  6. I didn’t own a cell phone until I was 20.
  7. I love books by F. Paul Wilson.
  8. I hate clowns and 6 foot tall bunny rabbits.
  9. I love scaring my mom by jumping out of dark corners.
  10. I met my wife while I was working at a hotel.
  11. I got married on 11-11-2011 (Good answer for #11)

Answers to GeekedOutMovies questions:

  1. What’s your song on replay right now? Honestly, I would say “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House.
  2. What’s the best book you ever read? “The Tomb” by F. Paul Wilson
  3. Night or day? I’ve always been a night person. I probably stay up way too late. I just don’t ever feel productive in the mornings like I do at night.
  4. Book or movie? Well, movies of course! I do have a site dedicated to them. I will admit though, sometimes the books are better. (ok most times)
  5. Favorite Author? Like I said earlier, F. Paul Wilson for sure.
  6. Favorite YouTube channel? ScreenJunkies
  7. Favorite GIF from your favorite movie? I just love saying this word…
  8. tumblr_m17b3fNiyy1rqyxf8o1_500
  9. Cake or chocolate? Ice cream cake.
  10. What’s always in your bag (I assume this question is directed to women, haha)? I’ll just assume this meant my school bag, and I always carried a mini-stapler in case I needed to staple something.
  11. What makes you smile? What drives you to wake up in the morning? It’s a combination of two things. My beautiful wife who wakes me up gently instead of a loud alarm clock. Also, my Shih Tzu dog named Tess: Who after my wife wakes me up, Tess bounces on top of me and licks my face until I exclaim that I’M UP ALREADY!!!!!

My nominees:

  1. Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews
  3. Jeyna Grace
  4. Emma’s Random Thoughts
  5. Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)
  6. Storytime with John
  7. Catherine on Films
  8. Another Bad Conversation
  9. Today I Watched a Movie
  10. Curnblog
  11. Just a Dad with Disney Questions

So, congratulations on your nominations. Please feel free to nominate 1-11 people yourselves everyone! So, please tell us 11 things about yourself. Also here are my 11 questions for you!

  1. What’s your favorite scary movie (uses Scream voice)?
  2. If you had to choose between only romantic comedies or disaster films which would you go with?
  3. Best movie soundtrack?
  4. Favorite movie quote?
  5. Where do you sit in a movie theater and why?
  6. What’s worse… cell phone screens on during a movie or talking?
  7. All-time favorite film?
  8. Best Disney movie?
  9. Your favorite actor?
  10. An actor you would like to jettison into space?
  11. Are you with me on petitioning for quiet foods in movie theaters? Like soft breads, just nothing that rattles or crunches?

5 thoughts on “Awards (Updated 9/05/16)

    • Haha, actually earlier than Donnie Darko. My older brother won a contest and got a stuffed 6 foot tall rabbit as the prize. My mom used to walk behind it and make it move like it was alive and terrorized me! So, yeah… scary. Donnie Darko didn’t help!

  1. Ryan – Thanks for the nomination! I really appreciate it. I think this is a cool way to show your fellow bloggers some link love! I probably won’t be doing a post on my blog b/c I want to keep it on topic…I like what you did with creating a separate page vs a post. Might try that! Keep the good reviews coming and watch out for giant bunnies.

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