About Ryan

Hi, my name is Ryan and I love watching movies. I’ll try and update this at least once a day giving you my insights on movies, new and old.
I live in Wayne, Nebraska and my main job right now is reviewing movies and keeping this site updated.
I have a wife and a cute Shih Tzu dog named Tess. I am also a graduate from the University of Kansas with a degree in Theater Performance.

I hope you enjoy my website and feel free to comment on my reviews. I’ll always welcome discussion.


8 thoughts on “About Ryan

  1. Ryan,

    Joseph Jalinsky put me in touch with you. I am a software developer and would love to help you create a killer movie review site. Contact me. I have access to about 40,000 trailers, upc’s, and all kinds of stuff like you find on IMDB.

  2. Found you through The Story of Us Podcast. We used to live in Longview and Paul Shaffer was our music minister for, oh, too short a time. Great guy, great podcast. Love your blog! Blessings to you!

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