Victoria (2015)

Cute name for a cute girl. Sadly this film wasn’t cute at all. A girl from Spain meets up with a group of Berlin lifers. She gets mixed up in a plot to rob a bank and is on the run for most of the movie. Once again, I’d like to smack the maker of Birdman. This movie tries to be edgy like Birdman and has the over the shoulder shot, following Victoria around the whole movie. I hate this new trend. I like to see a lot of different shots, and this closely following stalker-shot for a whole movie gets really boring, really fast. I found the plot to this film to be highly unbelievable… either that or European women are just really susceptible to coercion of men they meet at a disco for the first time. The only saving grace is that the title character is a pretty good actress and she is cute as a bunny on top of a kitten.



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Victoria (2015)


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