Hell or High Water (2016)

It wasn’t hell to watch this and instead of high water, it had some high-larity all around! The writing was my favorite part of this movie Taylor Sheridan did a great job and gave the actors some really good dialogue that made you connect with all types of characters. I loved the setting of Texas with its wide open vistas and muted color palate. When there was action, it was really good and some shocking moments came out of those scenes. Jeff Bridges stole the show of course but I did also really like Ben Foster’s performance. I was unsure about Chris Pine as a Texan (he seems more Midwestern) but he did a fine job too. An excellent crime movie, that also sticks it to some bad people. A fun experience everyone should see.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Hell or High Water (2016)


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