Trumbo (2015)

No this isn’t about an elephant that can fly… it’s about a blacklisted Hollywood writer in the 40’s. This is an interesting movie to watch today, considering Hollywood is conjuring up their own red scare. I wonder when they made this movie, if they knew they would look foolish just a year later shouting that Russian’s were around every corner? Still, if Communism is your thing, go for it… it’s a free country. I’ll feel free to ignore you as it is your right to ignore me. I thought Trumbo was an interesting character and I loved hearing about the different movies he was involved in. He was both very likable and unlikable at the same time. Bryan Cranston did a great justice for this character with some excellent acting. I was also happy to see a well rounded cast. The movie is pretty long, and sometimes felt that way, but for the most part I found it to be quite enjoyable. I didn’t like the witch hunt that was happening to those writers then and I don’t like them today either. I probably won’t watch this again, but I do have a hankering to watch Sparticus and Roman Holiday.


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Trumbo (2015)


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