Son of Saul (2015)

Son of a… Hungarian movies and I just don’t get along. At least this movie wasn’t a hundred hours long, but I’m getting a little tired of Holocaust movies. Schindler’s List is impossible to beat and this movie just copied the over-the-shoulder camera angle from Birdman. I was glad that you could tell horrible things were happening but you didn’t have to see them up close and personal like a Saw movie would do. The acting from Géza Röhrig was excellent, but that’s about all the glowing review I can give this film. It was cramped and depressing like a concentration camp… which maybe was the movie’s point. I just got done watching the movie Irrational Man before this and I must say, that title fits this movie a lot better. Saul is just incredibly irrational through the whole film, then again he was a Sondarkommando so that isn’t a very rational choice either. I’d pass on this one, unless you just love the movie Birdman, then maybe you’ll find this one interesting too.



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Son of Saul (2015)


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