The Walk (2015)

This is a walk I’d rather not take, but I’m glad Philippe Petit did. He seems to have made the Twin Towers of New York famous for not just being the target of a gigantic tragedy. I thought that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was incredibly adorable in this film, yes, his accent wasn’t spot-on all the time… but I loved him nonetheless. Charlotte Le Bon was gorgeous and interesting to watch. I also liked seeing Ben Kinsley in this as well, he’s in a lot of films but he adds a lot. The movie is very entertaining with an Ocean’s Eleven style set-up and the final scenes will scare the crap out of you if you have acrophobia like I do. I also just felt like it was a touching tribute to the World Trade Center that focuses on life instead of death. I love Zemeckis as a director and I’m glad he’s still working hard in Hollywood.



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The Walk (2015)


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