Mustang (2015)

I’m not much of a car fan but I almost wish this film was about Ford Mustangs. Instead, I get a torturous movie that even though it has a short length for a foreign film, it felt like it went on and on. I wouldn’t consider myself a feminist but this movie treats girls like crap and I felt like crap for being an observer of it. These girls are subjected to being locked in a house, forced marriage to men older than them and basically everything I don’t stand for when it comes to treating a woman right. The movie was shot nicely and it had some interesting scenes, but honestly I just felt like puking afterwards because it just felt so sad, and I hate to know that women get treated this way in the current year. Full disclaimer, I watch movies to be entertained. I know that this movie obviously made me feel something and that should earn it points, but I shouldn’t feel sad and sick afterwards… that’s not why I watch movies.


Half Reel

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Mustang (2015)


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