Vacation (2015)

This is not my idea of a vacation. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I thought the movie was too raunchy. I don’t ever feel like the National Lampoon Vacation movies were incredibly raunchy but this one just went too far into that direction. Ed Helms did an okay job as Rusty, but why not just get the actual actor who played Rusty? He’s a big-time actor in the Big Bang Theory… maybe they couldn’t afford him. Also why did they change the sister’s actress as well? Is Juliet Lewis still alive? They kept the parents the same though, and it was great seeing them. I couldn’t stand the children in this movie. One was way too mean and the other was way too nerdy, effeminate and ugly. I did laugh at a few parts in this film, but it had a lot of missed opportunities and was really predictable. I like seeing Chris Hemsworth try comedy. I hope he does it more.


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Vacation (2015)


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