Pixels (2015)

A few of the Pixels were dead in this film. To start off, I have a huge bias. I LOVE gaming. LOVE IT. I will probably only stop when my hands are too arthritic to pick up a controller. Even then, I’ll hope for robot hands to use instead or video games controlled by the mind. So I did enjoy quite a bit of this movie. I thought that Sean Bean and Peter Dinklage stole the show with their small parts, and in the lead I’d forget Sandler and say that Josh Gad is the new funny man. Kevin James was pretty forgettable and Michelle Monaghan was just pretty. Speaking of pretty, Ashley Benson… wow. I really liked the pixelated graphics of the bad guys. It was cool seeing Nintendo and Namco characters interacting. I guess I just though the plot was pretty strange and didn’t make a whole lot of sense and I hated all the politics in it. It just felt like they were trying to make some sort of stupid statement, but just ended up being lame instead. I can see the good in this film and I also can totally see why it drew some ire.


ReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Pixels (2015)


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