Focus (2015)

I must admit, it did hold my focus. I won’t give any credit to Will Smith though. I think they could have replaced him with anybody and we wouldn’t notice. The person who took all the oxygen out of the room and made your head turn was Margot Robbie. She is stunning as usual in this crime movie. I loved all the little plot devices and back-stabbings that went on throughout the film. I was never really able to guess where they were going, even though some clues were dropped here and there like breadcrumbs through a forest. I normally don’t love crime movies, because they are basically just mobster films. This one was at least different having some small time things happen like wallets and watches being stolen. I saw in the credits that they even had a professional pickpocket give them tips. I won’t say that this movie will be the focus of anyone’s lives in the next few years… but I’m not mad that I saw it.



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Focus (2015)


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