Warcraft: The Beginning (2016)

Wow. Well, I finally know something about Warcraft. I’ve played multiplayer role playing games online before but never this series. The story is pretty generic with humans fighting Orcs and wizards and stuff. I did think the production value of the film was great. The Orcs looked really cool and I loved the different types of magic. The female Orc played by Paula Patton was oddly strikingly beautiful. It was nice seeing Ben Foster around again. He had a pretty interesting character as a champion of the realm. The weapons and fighting were pretty epic. I’m not fully sure if this movie was based off the strategy game or the role playing game. If it was the RPG I wish they would have put some jokes in like players bickering over healing or somebody being a loot ninja and stealing all the spoils at the end of a dungeon. Oh well, one can dream. Still, I found this movie to be surprisingly good, but I had a low bar set for it when I went into it.



For more information about this film,
visit the idmb.com page:
Warcraft: The Beginning (2016)


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