Suicide Squad (2016)

Is it a suicide mission to have a super hero movie starring the villains? It shouldn’t be. I thought this movie was okay. It wasn’t wonderful by any means, but I enjoyed some parts of it. Margot Robbie was born to be Harley for sure. She looked Ah-mazing. I didn’t like Leto as the Joker though. His look and performance didn’t do anything for me. I hated Will Smith. He could have been removed halfway through the film and I wouldn’t have noticed. Viola Davis was an incredibly unlikable person throughout the film. The parts with Batman (Ben Affleck) were strange and felt like they were just thrown in. This movie could have had promise, I’ve always liked bad guys in movies. It just lacked a lot of heart.


ReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Suicide Squad (2016)


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