Paddington (2015)

A great family comedy without the extra padding that films throw in. I loved this story, a young Peruvian bear from Darkest Peru comes to London to start a new life. Paddington is probably one of the cutest animated things I’ve seen since Agnes from Despicable Me. The animation on him is gorgeous. I also loved the family that takes care of Paddington. They are all fun in their own unique way. Nicole Kidman plays an excellent bad guy (although maybe a little shallow). I just laughed and smiled through this whole movie and like I said it contained little to no padding. I hate when movies are like 2+ hours long because they feel like just throwing in a ton of filler. I felt very satisfied with this movie and it was only about an hour and a half long. Awesome movie, watch this one for sure!



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Paddington (2015)


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