Youth (2015)

I feel young again after watching this film. I thought that Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel did a great job playing two friends who are both creative-types staying at a Swiss health resort. There are many other crazy characters including Caine’s daughter, played by Rachel Weisz, and Paul Dano as an actor staying at the resort. The biggest surprise was seeing Jane Fonda in this film. I wasn’t expecting to see her. I can’t describe to you why this movie is really good… I’m leaning toward good chemistry with the actors and nice writing, though. This isn’t normally a film I would like, since not much actually happens in it. It’s one of those “day in the life” films and I usually hate those. This movie is quite charming, and after seeing the codgers Caine and Keitel… it makes you feel good to be young. (or I guess if you are older reading this, you’ll sympathize with them). Check this out for an interesting experience.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Youth (2015)


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