Joy (2015)

This movie didn’t bring me any… Yes, Lawrence did do a good performance and David O. Russell got his tag-along cast together to make another Oscar-esque film. I just didn’t fall in love with this movie. It just has a depressing tone from nearly the start to finish. I felt bad for Joy when things were tough, and I was starting to like her a lot when she was doing well. The bad part is, for most of the movie things are going horrible for her and her new invention the self-wringing mop. I liked seeing what QVC looks like behind the scenes and Bradley Cooper was great in his smaller part, but it just made me cringe what Joy had to go through just to push a stupid mop on to the market… but thank goodness for girl power right? I’m happy I saw it, but it really does have a deceptive title. It’s one of those one and done movies. I do think I might buy her mop the next time I need one though!



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Joy (2015)


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