Doctor Strange (2016)

I haven’t watched or reviewed a movie in a while… and it felt strange. I thought I would try and get back on the horse and do a fun Marvel movie. I did really like this one. It has a good mix of humor and dead seriousness. I feel like I had a small working knowledge of the characters of this film, from a few Marvel video games that I’ve tried. So it helped to know some story and names beforehand. Benedict Cumberbatch is wonderful as usual and he looks awesome as a super hero. The supporting cast of Ejiofor, Swinton, McAdams and Mikkelsen made this a very watchable film. I’ve been feeling burnt out from the endless hero movies, but I did like this one. Magic is always fun. I’ll look forward to the next 10 sequels for this series. I would recommend you see this if you like a strong male lead and some really interesting special effects that are on par with Inception.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Doctor Strange (2016)


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