Ghostbusters (2016)

This was kind of a bust (and no, that wasn’t a boob joke). Let me start off that I tried to go into this film with a clear mind and an open heart. I was going to give it a chance. I really am a huge fan of the first original Ghostbusters and I thought even the sequel was pretty good. This movie on the other hand, felt like Bridesmaids in coveralls. If you read my other reviews on this site, my obvious disdain for almost everything Melissa McCarthy has done is pretty apparent. She doesn’t fail to disappoint either. Once again she is the overeating, farting gross person that she normally is (and to anything thinking this is bad because she is a woman, I think male characters like this are equally bad). I don’t watch SNL but I know Kate McKinnon is pretty popular from that, and so she has received a lot of praise from this movie. I’ll admit she has some good parts, but by no means does she steal the show. That title goes to Chris Hemsworth. Yes, they paint his as a bumbling male idiot (are you surprised?) but he pulls it off very well, and without spoiling anything, he plays sort of a different role later, and is awesome at that part too. I would be okay if this movie would just cross their streams and finish this series off.



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Ghostbusters (2016)


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