The BFG (2016)

I’ve always heard from my mother how great this book is, as she used to read this as a teacher every year to her young students. I love all of the Roald Dahl books that I’ve got my hands on and they are wonderful. This movie on the other hand is just good. Nothing truly excellent about it. I thought the little girl Sophie was really cute and reminded me of the other Roald Dahl character “Matilda”. The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) was also a cute character, for a giant at least. The bad guys were also pretty cool, they are your typical Human “Bean” eating giants. I’m just not sure what this movie was missing, it just felt pretty boring at times, Spielberg has lost his magic from the olden days of E.T. This wasn’t a giant leap for movies, it’s not bad, but I wouldn’t climb a beanstalk or anything to watch it.



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The BFG (2016)


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