Pete’s Dragon (2016)

This movie was just draggin’ on and on… So, Disney did a remake. This was of a movie from the 70’s about a boy and his dragon. The problem is, this remake doesn’t really follow the older movie. It’s not a musical, it’s missing a lot of the fun parts (the movie was way too serious) and why the heck is the dragon mostly dog-looking with the face of a dog and green fur instead of scales? Are scales too scary now? Also, the boy is now a wildling living out in the woods, instead of an abused adopted orphan. Not that this really matters, but I guess all young boys have caveman hair so they didn’t have to hire a stylist? This movie just isn’t worth watching, it’s long and doesn’t have very many fun parts. The original isn’t great, but at least it was a little fun. Most of the points go to Bryce Dallas Howard for being such a knockout beauty.



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Pete’s Dragon (2016)


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