Finding Dory (2016)

I think Dory was doing most of the finding herself in this sequel but it was fun anyway. I wasn’t too sure in the beginning about this movie. Dory was a very annoying character. Voiced by the excitable Ellen DeGeneres, Dory never stopped saying “Oh sorry, I have a memory problem” for at least the first 15 minutes of the film. I kept thinking “is this going to be the whole movie? Apologizing for a bad memory?” Luckily, the movie redeems itself later. With the addition of non-annoying characters, namely a Octopus, Nemo and his dad the movie starts getting really good. There are some downright funny characters too like Becky the loon and some really funny sea lions. By the end of the film, I was cheering on the once annoying Dory and loving the film. So if you can get past the annoying start, you’ll find that being under the sea is where you want to be.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Finding Dory (2016)


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