Ted 2 (2015)

I’d rather listen to a TED talk on a subject I’m totally disinterested in. This overly long comedy had a couple good laughs and cameos but then it falls off the path and goes off the rails. Mainly this movie has an identity disorder. It’s a family drama about a bad marriage and trying to pay bills and have children. Then it becomes a courtroom drama about person-hood… yeah a civil rights case. Then a romance film… what it’s sadly missing is COMEDY. Also, what is Seth MacFarlane’s deal with having random fistfights in the background and breaking into show tunes? Just seems like a non-animated version of family guy. You’ll probably hear all the voices from the show if you shut you eyes. My final beef with this movie was the hatred toward Comic Convention goers. They kept getting bullied and pushed around by the characters. Seth MacFarlane would be the first person to decry being a bully, but apparently nerds at a Con are okay targets to him. This movie is trash, toss that teddy in the Goodwill pile.



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Ted 2 (2015)


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