Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Archery, boating and killing. These are some of the merit badges you can get at this camp. Sleepaway camp (the original) is pretty good, but not nearly as good as numbers 2 & 3. It didn’t have as much horrible bullying as Return to Sleepaway camp, but it did have the bully motif. I really like the actor who played Angela. She had a perfect blank stare that would make you laugh and be uncomfortable at the same time. I liked the special effects. The effects in 80’s horror films are some of my favorites. I also love the camping atmosphere. It isn’t as good as Friday the 13th, but I still liked it. I just wish it was a little more lighthearted like the next two sequels. I don’t mind a scare, but a campy camp film is better than s’mores.



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Sleepaway Camp (1983)


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