Most Likely to Die (2015)

This is most likely to bore you to death. I just don’t get this movie. It seemed like a ripoff of I Know What You Did Last Summer, where a group of mean kids do something they shouldn’t, and now they are being punished. Heather Morris from Glee is one of the headline of this pretty dumb film. She played the part of a professional poker player who apparently lost her killer instinct and lets people beat her in tournaments. All of her high school friends get together for a reunion and they keep getting bumped off by a mortarboard wearing murderer. The whole thing is pretty unbelievable, and by that I mean stupid. The kids will sit and talk about past loves while being right outside a shed where a dead friend is nailed to a wall… because you just stay so calm when your friends are slaughtered. Really bad acting and a boring story makes you wish you were back in classes again hearing lectures about soil acidity. Avoid this like the after prom school sponsored party.



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Most Likely to Die (2015)


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