Repulsion (1965)

The only repulsion I felt during this movie was the fact that I was tricked into thinking this movie was a horror film. This art-house thriller involves an incredibly boring Catherine Deneuve who at times shows some brilliance and for the rest of the time she looks like a bored empty shell of a human. The description of this movie is about a sexually confused girl, except I guess the only confusion she has is that she turns down good looking men who like her and dreams about bums raping her in the night. This movie shows the kind of weirdo we know Roman Polanski to be. There really isn’t much this movie has going for it, spare a few interesting special effects like hands come out of the wall like jelly and the walls spontaneously cracking open. Other than that, I sometimes wished I was the rotting rabbit on the plate, at least he was out of his misery. I’d rather have my head in Deneuve’s purse than watch this film again.



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Repulsion (1965)


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