Troll (1986)

I’m not sure if trolling was a term in the 80’s for messing with people, but this movie was all about trolling for the lol’s. This movie was absolutely crazy. The first crazy thing was that the dad’s name in the film was Harry Potter. It also involved a lot of magical creatures and magic. So J.K. Rowling might have copied a B-movie for her popular book series. A magical Troll living in an apartment basement kidnaps a small girl and turns into her and messes with her family and the other apartment residents. The sad part about this movie is that it looks like they worked pretty hard on some of the special effects. The bad part is they must have had no auditions for the acting. The acting was incredibly poor. I was surprised to see the talented Julia Louis-Dreyfus in this. Her part was skimpy and so were her clothes at one point. The boy (Harry Potter Jr.) was probably the wussiest boy I’ve ever seen and at one point is thrown into a wall by his little sister, and blames it on tripping to his parents. This movie is really bad, but if you watch it for the campiness then you’ll enjoy it a bit! Excellent music by the way, I need the soundtrack.



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Troll (1986)


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