Zoombies (2016)

This movie got a lot more points than you can see, they are just in hiding. This movie was pretty crazy. Zoo animals get turned into zombies and start killing people in this park. The acting is all hilariously bad and if you watch this movie for its campy factor, you will not be disappointed. I felt like I needed an easy horror film to watch after The Fly, so I grabbed this totally horrid gem. Who knows if this will be a cult classic, but it had a few lines that just slayed me. One is about the animals are “just hiding” (you’ll get how funny it is when you see it. Also the line about “we don’t know if anything is wrong, Oh yeah? We don’t know if anything is RIGHT!” Check this one out for it’s giant silliness, if you base it off of a legitimate horror film, it’s a terrible movie. I’m giving it a score right down the middle because it was fun, and also the worst!



For more information on this film,
visit the imdb.com page:
Zoombies (2015)


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