Bride of Chucky (1998)

Chucky gets lucky is the tag line for this movie, but if you see how things turn out for him, that isn’t the case. I’ll admit, I love these movies. They are a real guilty pleasure for me. This was hard to rate because it really ISN’T a good movie, but I still had a ton of fun watching it. It really doesn’t have any scary parts at all, but it does have some good lines delivered and some excellent gore. It even has a doll related love scene that is timid compared to Team America World Police. I love both Dourif and Tilly as the lead dolls. John Ritter is good for a short while before he gets nailed and even though Katherine Heigl is considered one of the most rude actresses out there and is horrible to work with… she’s cute. Sorry, I can’t help it. So yeah, the movie is fine if you are judging it by “Well made movie standards” but for a laid back horror film, it’s fantastic!


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Bride of Chucky (1998)


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