The Birds (1963)

This movie isn’t for the birds. It’s held up pretty well all these years. Yeah, some of the effects are cheesy now but really it’s been over 50 years since this was made. Hitchcock does a great job keeping you nervous when birds are around, I especially hate birds, very annoying creatures. Tippi Hedren was a delight, very beautiful and her voice was amazing. There was some surprising gore for the times that this was made, especially pecked out eyeballs, nasty. I’d really like to visit the town of Bodega Bay, it just looks so nice and it would be cool to see where they filmed such a classic. I would say my biggest complaints about this movie was the lack of motivation by the bad guys (The Birds) why were they attacking people? Also, the ending is pretty abrupt and I’m never for that, please give some explanation on whether the group survives or dies, I don’t like making up the story that the writer should have finished. Otherwise, this movie remains a classic and would be a good creepy movie to watch on Halloween.



For more information on this film,
visit the page:
The Birds (1963)


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