The Gift (2015)

When Joel Edgerton gives you a gift, you better darn well accept it graciously! I really enjoyed this present of a movie. It does have a couple slow parts and one time I even asked myself when something thrilling was going to happen… but once it does it gets really interesting and twist-filled. I was pretty blown away that Edgerton did pretty much everything in this film. He directed, wrote it, acted and produced this movie. Jason Bateman did okay, but I think he was out-shined by his gorgeous counterpart Rebecca Hall (it’s okay though, she does it to everybody). I just really like how the movie builds up the tension until the final scene when you basically mutter… Oh crap. Check this one out if you enjoy a stalker-ish thrill-seeking adventure about long lost friendships.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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The Gift (2015)


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