Dog Day Afternoon (1975)

I don’t want to dog on this movie, this afternoon but I do have a few complaints about this movie. First and foremost it has some bad spots where it really drags on. I watched this right after the exorcist (which really moves at a good pace) and then this movie. They are both about the same length of time to watch, but Dog Day Afternoon felt like a MUCH longer movie. I also think the twist about his lover was a little weird, and was confusing at first. I’ll get to the good stuff now… Pacino was pretty amazing in this. I loved how he whipped up the crowds outside the bank. The crowd was it’s own character too in the movie. They made me laugh over and over. I also just loved the whole cast, especially the ladies inside the bank. The head teller was really great. The start of the movie is really strong, and the end is quite shocking. If you can make it through the sluggish middle you won’t regret watching this bungled heist. I should also note that John Cazale was really good too, he just has such a unique and strange look.



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Dog Day Afternoon (1975)


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