The Lobster (2015)

This wasn’t the surf and turf of movies, but it did hold my attention. What I couldn’t stand was the ending of this film. There is nothing I hate more than something really abrupt and unfinished as an ending. I did think that this was some of Colin Farrell’s better acting and honestly the movie was pretty engaging until it all unravels at the end. I’ve decided that Lea Seydoux just has a resting angry face in all her movies, which really affects her acting. John C. Reilly was really good throughout this film. The whole thing is pretty weird, and I guess that’s why it is so mesmerizing. I’ll keep my eye on the directer Lanthimos, I feel like he might be getting close to making a great movie, he just needs to learn how to finish one. I can’t really recommend this movie though, so put that lobster bib away and maybe order the steak instead.


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The Lobster (2015)


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