Anomalisa (2015)

This film felt as dead as the plastic the puppets were made out of. I normally love Charlie Kaufman’s films but when a movie’s description is “A stop motion film about a man crippled by the mundanity of his life” doesn’t that just make you want to watch it? I’m sorry, but making a boring movie, into a stop-motion boring movie doesn’t save it. The characters all speak in monotone throughout the film, so I disagree with everyone who says that the voice acting in this was great. I also think the speaking in the film in general was horrid because everyone waited like 30 seconds between each line before speaking, so there was a lot of dead air surrounding these lackluster puppets. The best part of the movie was the love-making scene between Lisa and Michael. Mainly because it showed how awkward sex can be at times, which Hollywood normally gets wrong. I’d rather see a local puppet show at a fair than watch this soulless movie again.



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Anomalisa (2015)


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