Life of Brian (1979)

He had arms, and legs, and feet and hands… his name was Brian! This movie by the Monty Python gang is really fun. It may not be the Holy Grail of their films, but it is really quite good. My favorite scene would have to be the grammar Roman who was correcting the graffiti. I also loved the time period that this movie was set in. It was fun to see a spoof on the Biblical times. Once again, John Cleese killed it. Graham Chapman was better in Holy Grail than this movie, but he still did a great job as Brian. The mother of Brian was also quite the show-stealer, played by Terry Jones. All I can say is that Brian is not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy… but you should still see what his life story is all about.



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Life of Brian (1979)


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