Carol (2015)

A slow burn romance so slow, you could swear it was from the embers of a fire made two weeks ago. This movie was horrible. I thought for sure it was going to go somewhere but it never really went anywhere. A totally wooden performance from Blanchett, she put on her smokey-bored Cruella DeVille voice and hardly raised her voice once. The romance between Rooney Mara and Blanchett also didn’t feel believable to me. The chemistry just wasn’t there. Out of the blue (which is even mentioned in the movie) Mara falls in love with this older woman while she is working as a store clerk. Blanchett doesn’t do anything to cause this kind of seduction or excitement on Mara’s part. Then you sit through hours of quiet car rides and one steamy lovemaking scene. I hope to never see a movie this slow and boring again, but my hopes aren’t high.


Half Reel

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Carol (2015)


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