Steve Jobs (2015)

It’s starting to become a full-time job keeping up with the multitude of Steve Jobs movies coming out. Will it ever stop? iCan only hope. I have nothing against the man, but I’m not a huge Apple person. After seeing this movie, I don’t think it did any favors for the memory of Steve Jobs as he looks like a colossal jerk. The writing by Aaron Sorkin is incredible though and the main reason the movie got such a high mark from me. The directing from Danny Boyle was really good too. Michael Fassbender was really good and so was the supporting cast. I just sat through my second Steve Jobs movie in so many years and I just wonder why? The film is also a little formulaic as it’s talking, talking and talking (Sorkin’s forte) and then a product reveal. Rinse and repeat. That was the Steve Jobs movie. Let’s just hope this satiates the fans long enough to give me half a decade before the next adaptation. Is iPod the movie next? iWonder…



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Steve Jobs (2015)


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