Taken 3 (2015)

I think they have taken this franchise too far. Taken 3 seems like it really didn’t need to be made. Yes, it has all the same actors in the other Taken movies, but it had a totally different feel. It’s about two hours of cops chasing poor Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) around. Framed for something he didn’t do, he evades police while trying to do some investigating of his own. The final scene between Neeson and Forest Whitaker made me roll my eyes because it was just so unbelievable. I will admit the action was really good and it kept my interest, which is really what I look for in a movie, so I will say this movie is good, just at the very bottom cusp of being good. If the movie would have dragged even a little bit more, it would have fallen off the cliff of being a good film. I hope this series stops after this one, otherwise it will forever damage this series paltry legacy.



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Taken 3 (2015)


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