Insurgent (2015)

inSURGEnt! Well, this movie didn’t have the intensity of a surge soda commercial but it did have some interesting action sequences. What I can’t get over in this series is how much it feels like it has ripped off ideas from everything around it. This has a Harry Potter feel, a Maze Runner feel, a Matrix feel…etc. The movie doesn’t really have a good identity of its own. It is trying to be Divergent like in the movie, a bit of everything. Except, it fails at being great at anything while trying to be all things at once. It’s a diluted muddy mess. I love Shailene Woodley but I hate the character Trice. She’s a pretty annoying hero. Really nobody in this film is likable. I had to laugh when I saw that Naomi Watts was a grown man’s mother. She looks way too young and it was just bad casting. Kate Winslet was a boring (and she looked bored) bad gal. Other people like Maggie Q, Octavia Spencer and Mile’s Teller were well underused for being good actors. Pull the plug on this dying series.


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Insurgent (2015)


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