Jaws (1975)

I’m gonna need a better quote! Jaws is a fun movie. It may not be the scariest thing out there, and being in Nebraska, I don’t find myself near any dangerous oceans, but it’s just a nice movie to kick back and enjoy the beach atmosphere that Amity Island offers. The best thing this movie created was its music from John Williams. Who hasn’t had the Jaws theme song in their head as they swim towards someone in the pool? Richard Dreyfuss is really fun in this and I also really enjoyed Roy Scheider’s performance. For the most part Bruce the Shark looked pretty real and a good atmosphere of tension floats on the surface of the sea. The mayor in this film is totally nuts and someone you will love to hate. The final scene on the Orca is fantastic. This movie is much older now, but for its age it still holds its own.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Jaws (1975)


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