Brooklyn (2015)

One of the best romances of the year (as described by the movie cover) is really not that romantic at all. This is another one of those movies where a women is in a serious relationship and yet still plays the field (because women are now taking the place of philandering men). Think Twilight but with Irish accents. Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love Saoirse Ronan. She did an excellent job of acting and she is gorgeous beyond words (plus the accent makes her even prettier)… but this movie had a crappy love story. I love how it starts off, but then it completely devolves when she goes back to revisit her home country. Then it just ends very abruptly, despite it’s long running-time. I may just be old-fashioned but a lady jumping from dude to dude like she’s at a buffet table does not make a good romance film.


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Brooklyn (2015)


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