The Big Short (2015)

My attention span is pretty short when people discuss financial matters to me. The whole process is set-up to be so convoluted and confusing. This movie is about all that stuff and yet they did a great job explaining it all. My favorite part was when they would break away and say “and now Margot Robbie will explain this, while taking a bubble bath”. The whole thing sounds ridiculous, but it actually helps. The humor is pretty good in this film, despite the whole story being a total tragedy. I feel like among this star-studded cast Ryan Gosling was my absolute favorite, with Christian Bale a close second. Yes, this movie is about banking and mortgages and money… but the film is on the money for keeping you engaged in the story. It did lose me a little bit towards the end, but this was still a very solid, fun movie to watch.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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The Big Short (2015)


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