San Andreas (2015)

I’m a little split on this movie. It started out with some great tension as the quakes started to happen, but then the story became a little cracked. Let me show off my bias a little bit. I hate disaster movies. I will probably never, ever like them. Normally they are just full of running, screaming and crying. Plus there is nothing like entertaining yourself as people suffer and die correct? This movie at least had less crying but it did have some things I hate. The big one is when Dwayne Johnson’s daughter is missing and possibly in grave danger, he spends some time with his wife in the movie rehashing old memories about an earlier tragedy. There’s nothing more annoying than people wasting time in a movie, when someone is in danger. Alexandra Daddario was in this, and although I didn’t love her character, she is incredibly lovely. She teams up with two British kids (who I thought were the coolest characters) and tries to just get to safety. It’s not the worst disaster movie out there, but I just don’t see the point of these films. I guess it’s my fault for hating these movies.


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San Andreas (2015)


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