The Jerk (1979)

Would I sound like a jerk if I said, I think Dumb and Dumber stole their idea from this movie? I saw a lot of similarities between the two films. Steve Martin was great in this movie. He played the perfect amount of dumb and it had some really classic scenes like the sniper shooting at him and him running out of the house covering his sensitive areas by two dogs that he picked up off the ground. The movie does get a little slapstick at times, but it has some pretty good writing and some excellent acting from Martin’s part. Bernadette Peters is adorable, and has such a cutesy voice. It’s not a perfect movie, but I won’t be a jerk and say it’s bad either. If you like a goofier movie, you’ll love this… if not, I’d avoid it.



For more information on this film,
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The Jerk (1979)


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