Spectre (2015)

As a spectator for this spectacle I would say that it has all the right stuff for a good action movie. A crazy opening scene with explosions and a fistfight in a helicopter midair. Beautiful women who are also deadly. Guns, guns and more guns. Some women who hate guns… then again, this movie has some trouble being great. It seems like each Daniel Craig James Bond film gets worse and worse. This one has a pretty thin plot and some of the worst sexuality of the Bond films. I told my wife I’ve seen steamier scenes in Disney movies. The movie isn’t all bad, I love Christoph Waltz being his normal role of the congenial bad guy. Lea Seydoux is as hot as a fresh french crepe… and it has Ralph Fiennes with an actual nose on his face. I guess I miss the good old days of the funny bad guys with the hokey gadgets and the smokin’ hot beauties on Bond’s arm. Now these movies take themselves too seriously and are a little too P.C. If you want to see a better spy movie this year that is more true to the James Bond films, see The Kingsman: Secret Service. Spectre was okay, and sometimes good at parts but it left me neither shaken, nor stirred.



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Spectre (2015)


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