Lost River (2015)

I don’t know whether you’ll get lost by the excellent visuals or the confusing story but I really enjoyed this film. Yes, it feels like almost a straight rip-off of a David Lynch film… but I love David Lynch, so go for it Ryan Gosling. Not too bad for him doing the directing and writing. I thought that Matt Smith was an excellent crazy bad guy with a sharp pair of scissors, Eva Mendes was in some short macabre scenes and Saoirse Ronan was also really good as Rat, who happens to have a rat named Nick. Christina Hendricks is in some uncomfortable scenes, but I’ll never complain about seeing her in anything as I think she’s lovely. The visuals of the movie are wonderful and I love the air of mystery, especially at the end with the stinger. A lot of people might hate this because it is incoherent, but honestly there are movies with very coherent plots that bore me to tears. This had me wondering what I would see next.


ReelReelReelReelHalf Reel

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Lost River (2015)


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