The End of the Tour (2015)

This film doesn’t make you hope for it to end, but it does give you a good tour of what David Foster Wallace was like. This was one of the best roles and performances I’ve seen from Jason Segel. He was funny, sad and brilliant all throughout the movie. Jesse Eisenberg was finally not playing the role of the smartest person in the room and that was really refreshing. I guess I didn’t connect with this movie, because I generally don’t like movies about writers. Sometimes they are good, and this was one of the better ones… but I just really don’t care. I felt like it was a good twenty minutes too long and it hurt the good feelings I was having towards the movie as a result. I do think it had some really great conversations between the leads and it held my attention pretty well. It’s worth watching once I’ll say. After that, you’ll still love Jason Segel and have some better respect for Jesse Eisenberg.



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The End of the Tour (2015)


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