Stalker (1979)

A movie about a peeping Tom would be a lot more exciting than this boring Russian science fiction film. If you can even spot the science fiction in this movie. The film consists of almost 3 hours of disjointed philosophy while traipsing through sewer tunnels and fields. I’ve honestly had more fun during a movies credits rolling at the end, than what I saw in this movie. I hate to say it and I don’t like to bash other critics often, but anyone who says this movie is amazing is just trying to look or sound smart. It’s all posturing to seem like you understand art better than others. I will admit there was some great shots by Tarkovsky and I loved the sound effects… but if you’ve read my reviews and sound effects are the biggest thing I talk about, you’ll know why I hated this movie. I had to watch this in two parts, which is lucky because it’s split up that way. When someone asked me what happened in the first part, I honestly said nothing and it was true. If you want to zone out in the “zone” of this film, then this movie will make you feel lobotomized.


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Stalker (1979)


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